Parker: do you want to have a show in our apartment before we move in?

Liv: yes.

(one week later)

"I Can't Fuck You Tonight I'm Reading Proust"


Orion Martin ^^^^^

Daniel Lane ^^^^^^^^


Inkjet Paintings (Liv's notes)

origin myths: Injket becomes a jpeg - instead of jpeg becoming Inkjet

(but paintings)

JPG > print

Pointilism > pixels

ideal > material

Reproduction > ‘allegory of the cave”

Proust chair > Swatch watch (an impression of an impression of a Neo-impressionist painting)

Since, of the charm, the grace, the forms of nature, the public knows only what it has absorbed from the clichés of an art slowly assimilated, and since an original artist begins by rejecting these clichés, M. and Mme Cottard, being in this sense typical of the public, found neither in Vinteuil’s sonata, nor in the painter’s portraits, what for them created the harmony of music and the beauty of painting.  ~ Swann’s Way (Marcel Proust via Lydia Davis)

~Pointilism uses paint to approximate CMYK printing, Inkjet paintings use ink designed for printing to make paintings  (George Seurat: Painting is the art of hollowing a surface)

~Inkjet ink neglecting the mechanics of Inkjet printing

~silk designed to be printed on / inks designed to print, these materials redirected to a painting process

~exploiting the lustre/luxury of the materials, neglecting their purpose

~silk and its history of trade routes and the cosmopolitan impulse, an impulse that is brought to an extreme by the liquidity and profusion of data

When they were able to recognize a form in these canvases they found it heavy and vulgarized (that is, lacking the elegance of the school of painting through which they viewed all living creatures, even in the street), and lacking truth, as if Monsieur Biche did not know how a shoulder was constructed or that women do not have lavender hair. (Ibid)


This exhibition consisted of two (30"x40") dot paintings from left over scraps, 14 Hook-Ups posters monotyped with an image of Pepe Le Pew, 500 doublesided offset posters Liv and I designed, two paintings by my studio assistants (Orion Martion and Daniel Lane), 3 Agent Provocateur bags, 5 cattleyas ($50-$70), 2 vanity mirrors 5x magnification, a projection of a curtain blowing in the wind, one bottle of Krug rose, and one bottle of Yoohoo chocolate drink.

*Everything but Daniel and Orion's paintings were given away for free.