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"Q. Why do anime characters have such big eyes?
A. The practice of drawing anime characters with unusually large eyes dates back to the art form’s founder, Osamu Tezuka. When he started drawing his most famous creation, Astroboy, he was inspired by the famous cartoon character Betty Boop and her enormous eyes. After the success of Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy), other manga and anime artists began to copy Tezuka, and a trend was born."




Hello again,

Sounds great, I don't know why I figured Eiris is a guy, sorry about that!  Also, we'd like to know roughly how long it might take cause we are working w a deadline....

That being said, here are some details as to what we're looking for:

So as stated in the listing, the image would be of Bettie Page.  The most important thing/identifying factor for us about Bettie Page is the hair i.e.  jet black with the distinctive bangs. Just to reiterate, here's bettie page art on google image (for 'inspiration'):

Other than that she can look like a regular manga girl. So that means the eyes are big n wet etc. (like your work in the pieces we attached.  We really like/want the coloring and line work in these pieces we found on DeviantArt by you and Eiris).

We see the body being similar in the shape/size of furry girl, catgirl, seductive nurse images, but a little more voluptuous. Larger breasts and butt.  

Position of her body:  
The position/angle of her body and legs the way we picture it is actually somewhat similar to furry girl we found on deviantart by Eiris, but flipped vertically ( see attached).  Her arms perhaps could be more 'flailing' (maybe one grabbing her boob  and the other reaching out into the air).  The thing to keep in mind is she IS being fucked (we will add that ourselves later)  so that force/action should be a factor in mind when drafting, her face should be a little worried/shocked. Attached is also a photo of the draft of the horse warrior who will be doing the fucking, we are including this so you can better understand the vantage point/angle of her body.  She is being fucked slightly upwards. Also attached is a collage only to get a sense of the positions and roughly how we see the final image being outlined.

She's wearing a black garter belt, and her bra is below her breasts falling off.  Maybe one of her hands could be trying to keep the bra on (to no avail of course).  (also see attached seductive nurse image-we like this one a lot).

At this angle the genitalia is not that visible but perhaps you can have it spread a little bit to make room for the dick.  

Let me get back to you about background probably tomorrow, but we figure you prob do those on two separate layers anyway, so easy to remove and add...

Thanks again for the quick response, and let us know if you have any questions!

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special thanks to: Adam Cruces, Kaliisa Conlon, Jeff Baij, Michael Sachs, Mike Manning, William Schultz and everyone at Coldstar Ice.

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