video archive 2009 - 2018, 2009, 2009

Self Portrait in 3D, 2009

Artist Statement, 2009


trailer for feature length film "America Online Made me Hardcore", 2012


Anime Bettie Page Fucked By Steampunk Horse Warrior from Parker Ito on Vimeo. (this is an Aventa Garden show btw)


Frozen-Saxophone[2].jpg from Aventa Garden Studios on Vimeo.


trailer for Aventa Garden's "Ghost in the Puka Shell", 2012 


trailer for "The Agony and the Ecstasy", 2012 


trailer for "see also: lai fun, list of pasta, soba", 2013


trailer for "Surface to Air" a two person show with Helen Johnson, 2013


trailer for "Parker Cheeto: The Net Artist", 2013 


trailer for my solo booth @ FIAC w/New Galerie, 2013


trailer for my exhibition "Nothing Was the Same", 2013  


"The Artist as Network", 2014. A film I commissioned Fred Spencer to make base on an essay by Toke Lykkeberg .


trailer for my exhibition "Maid in Heaven / My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Cyber Fantasy", 2014. for context please watch this. 


"Wipeout XL (Miami)", 2015 (unfinished)


Parker Ito, A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night, 2015 from Château Shatto on Vimeo.


"MMXVI", 2016 installation shot here 


Aventa Garden "Music Video", 2016 pt. 1


Aventa Garden "Music Video", 2016 pt. 2


"#6", 2017 installation shot here, and here