<splash^>this fukcing parker thing. everyday people tell me im really creative. im not sure if you know this but im an artist. im (me) (japanese-german-french-irish-english-american artist) having a show. (my big show) (100+ works)(2 years of my life)(all my money)(everything I did in 2014-15 is 1 show) read more below or continue to ParkerIto.com

A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night
1317 S.Grand Ave. Los Angeles CA, 90015
January 24, 2015 ---- ????, 2015

this isnt a press release. i am not having a press release.

a show about everything

∂ɛcιƨισи ғαтιɢʋɛ. Ƭʋяи ʋρ. Ƭʋяит ʋρ. βʋяит σʋт. Ғʋв ҒƲβ ҒƲв.   βαcκ тσ мʏ яσσтƨ. вαcκ тσ мʏ яσσтƨ σғ иσ σиɛ ɛʌɛи κиσωιиɢ ι ɛϰιƨт.  Ɯɛαя α ƨʋιт тσ тнɛ σρɛиιиɢ. Ƨтʋ∂ισ αятιƨт (ρяσвℓɛмƨ).  Ɯнσ ωσяɛ ιт вɛттɛя?  Ɔɛℓɛвяιтʏ cσℓℓɛcтσяƨ.  Ɯαℓℓ ωσяκƨ.  Иσ мσяɛ ℓικɛƨ αиʏмσяɛ. Ƨʋρρσят ʏσʋя ғяιɛи∂ƨ.  Ғιяƨт ƨнσω αт тнɛ ɢαℓℓɛяʏ.  ˩αƨт ɛϰнιвιтισи ɛʌɛя. Ǥσт тσ ɢσ. Ƭнαиκƨ ғσя тнɛ мɛмσяιɛƨ.  Ħαиɢ ιи тнɛяɛ вв.  Ғɛɛℓƨ вα∂. ˩σσκƨ ɢσσ∂.  Ѧʏ мιи∂ ιƨ мαcнιиɛ ɢʋи, мʏ тσσтƨ тнɛ вʋℓℓɛтƨ, тнɛ αʋ∂ιɛиcɛ мʏ тαяɢɛт. Ƭɛℓℓ ʏσʋя ƨтʋ∂ισ αƨƨιƨтαитƨ Ɩ ƨαι∂ ƨʋρ.  тнιƨ αιи'т иσ αвƨтяαcт ραιитιиɢ ι ʝʋƨт ωαит тσ ғʋcκ ʏσʋ. make art just to put it on your website. Make an exhibition like your website. I am goop.

art is subjective.

violence (but in movies is cool)
cat calling
police brutality
racism and/or invisibility
the rich get richer / the poor get poorer
animal abuse
outgoing introverts?
free country / most incarcerated country in the history of the world
lets spend millions of dollars going into space or on a sculpture
the melting of the polar ice caps. a future with no art?
a collaborative project by the human race. its called global warming (earth art) but we don't have the language to talk about it
(the beautiful ones always smash the screen) everytime.....
cancer patients writing you emails asking for art
is it a hoax? thats problematic.
numbers on paper
our pr team is not happy with your bmi. you should have been spending less time in the studio and more in the gym
collectors who start galleries
bed bugs
smile for me
under the skin
under the toots
love is overtaking me
never tear us a part

im not a sellout. im a critical artist. i have time to acutally think about my art because my parents sponsor me. *oustider alert

outsider alert in the john mccain sense.

"that was fun while it lasted." - ny times

everything is exspensive. everything takes a long time to make. your studio assistants insist you make a 3d mock up first. the 3d mock up won't tell you shit.

you steal all of your ideas from your friends who are better artists than you. hugs for gaylords. does this real doll come with hemohroids? nobody said it was easy. nobody said it would ever be this hard. whoops i did it again. i heart my amputee slave. the vex has moved. i touch every work but i'm self conscious of painting in from of my assistants. dont get/ mad dont get mean. please stop acting like you used to skate.

a man looking at a rothko painting thinks he's having a heart attack. he sits down on the ground in front of the painting. the museum goers think it's a performance part of the exhibition.

artist solidarity.
swallow the white cube / swallow the world

2014: i saw arod in the bathroom but didnt know what to say to him.

"That's where artist go to die." - Cady Noland on Gagosian

I love Cady Noland

no group shows
what the hell are you waiting for?

i get in my honda civic and yell
tourettes outbreak all the way to my studio

that's surprising
he thought he hit the big time

3 button or two button?

is the gallery flying you business or coach?

that doesnt matter now........

i donut have

no justice,

no peace.

(decision fatigue)