art by...

Parker Ito

represented by Chateau Shatto, Los Angeles & Beijing Art Now Gallery, Beijing

selected vvorks


"PP" @ The Roosevelt Hotel Hollywood as a special project for Felix Los Angeles International Art Fair during Freize weekend presented by gallery Chateau Shatto

endless scrolling ascii chain



some paintings for art fairs like the first iteration of the international art fair Freeze Los Angeles

Citron Biskvier

a new print with Three Star Books


BABY book with Diane inc.

sort of a show at my friend Marta's house (coming soon maybe?)

solo show at SIFANG Art Museum (cuming soon who knows?)

solo show in mexico city (yes coming soon!!!!!!)

a residency (coming soon)



"P" @ NY

"PII" @ Primary

"P" the book with Landfill Editions

"p" @ la

single paitings 2017-2018

CFHILL group show

DRawings @ 650mAh



solo booth in miami, 2017

#17 @ BANG, 2017

On Plane Air @ Air de Paris, 2017

CAPITOL RECORDS SHIT TOOTS (the book), 2016?,/ 2017

a group show curated by toke called "welcome too late", 2017

@this stage @chateau shatto

#6, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

onestar press book, 2017

i dunno some artfair, 2017



AVENTA GARDEN REUNION!!!!!!!!!!!, 2016 read the press release here it is very


genes with ann hirsch, 2016

Masterworks and Capitol Records Shit Toots X 8 @ Three Star Books, 2016

Masterworks with Three Star Books (my first book), mmxvi

also some screenprints here also with threestar but not my first screenprints 2016

some shits i made in 2016s that was maybe show at n art fair or not????



>PBBvx.123456789101112son_of_cheeto131415161718192021222324 @ The Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2015

one painting i made in 2015

one painting i made in 20145

Part 3: A Lil' Taste of Cheeto in the Night (2013-2015) (in context)

A Lil Taste of Cheeto in the Night texts etc.


Redefine: Multiple Perspectives and Possibilities in Network Ear

Epilogue: PBBVx4.5213418505240406714305462110190527PPPPPPPPPPPPPP (2015)

MORE photos of pbbvx4.52134185052494035840884004840398409pppppppppp <------------- here

group show in ny



Part 2: Nora Berman, Blackwidow LA, Parker Cheeto, Carey Garris, Justin John Greene, Celia Hollander, Daniel Lane, Lee Marshall and Orion Martin:

Maid in Heaven / En Plein Air in Hell (My Beautiful Dark and Twisted Cheeto Problem) (2014)

Part 1: Parker Cheeto's Infinite Haunted Hobo Playlist (A Dream to Some, a Nightmare to Others) by L'atelier de PPPPPP (2014)

Prelude: Cheeto Returns (Rainbow Rose Still Lifes at Kaldi Coffee and Tea) (2014)

I Can't Fuck You Tonight I'm Reading Proust (2014)

MISC (2014)



Nothing Was the Same (John Boehner Ramesses III) (2013)

Air to Surface (w/ Helen Johnson) (2013)

Parker Cheeto: The Net Artist (America Online Made Me Hardcore) (2013)

See Also: Lai Fun, List of Pasta, Soba (2013)

MISC (2013)



The Agony and the Ecstasy (2012)

Ghost in the Puka Shell(in collaboration with Body by Body) (2012)

Anime Bettie Page Fucked By Steampunk Horse Warrior (in collaboration with Body by Body) (2012)



The Most Infamous Girl in the History of the Internet / Attractive Student / Parked Domain Girl (2010 - 2013) - ????)

T??????? ( (2011)) (2009 - 2011)curatorial (2010 - 2011)

Random Rotations (2011) curatorial

Contemporary Internet Lifestyles w/ DIS Magazine (2011)

Net Art Archive (2009-2010)


video archive 2009 - 2018



body by body


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